Get Involved

We’re planning for the future and want you to help get us there.

Our roads are an important part of the communities we live in. They both support our daily transportation needs (work, school, etc.) and affect how our community looks and feels.

This project will make a number of changes to the KY 338/Richwood Road area and KYTC wants to make sure those who live in the community and use the roadways play a role in shaping that future.

Throughout the development of this project, KYTC has been working closely with local officials to identify goals for the project.  Now it’s your turn to get involved.

There are two ways you can get involved:

Send Us Your Comments

You can submit comments or questions via email or choose to Keep Me Informed.

Stay Up To Date

We will continue to update this website throughout the development and construction of the project.  Check back regularly to stay up to date.

You can choose to Keep Me Informed by providing us with your email or mailing address and we’ll make sure you’re invited to any public meetings in the future.  We expect to have our first public meeting this Fall.  Following the meeting, materials presented at the meeting will be posted to the website.

You can also “follow” on Facebook, which we’ll use to send out project updates.