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I-71/75 Interchange

I-75 Alternative 03

Preferred Alternative 3. Click here for details.

Preferred Alternative: Alt-3 DCD

The recommended preferred alternative includes converting the existing I-71/I-75 at KY 338 (Richwood Road) diamond interchange to a Double Crossover Diamond Interchange (DCD). A DCD will accommodate left-turning movements by crossing traffic to the left side of the roadway at the signalized ramp terminal intersections. Once on the left side of Richwood Road, vehicles can turn left onto the I-71/I-75 entrance ramps without stopping and without conflicting with through traffic.

The DCD meets the overall goals of the project by reducing congestion and improving safety through the interchange.

Other Alternatives - Evaluated and Eliminated
Other alternatives that were evaluated and eliminated during the alternative screening process can be found below: