Double Crossover Diamonds


US68 Double Crossover Diamond Interchange, Lexington, Kentucky.  Photograph courtesy of KYTC.

The double crossover diamond (DCD), also referred to as a diverging diamond interchange (DDI), first made its appearance on American roadways in 2009 with the construction of a DCD interchange in Springfield, Missouri. Since that time, the popularity of the design has spread across the nation with more than a dozen currently open to traffic and even more under construction and in design.   The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet opened Kentucky’s first DCD in 2011 in Lexington, Kentucky. Information on the US 68, Harrodsburg Road DCD can be found on the following link:

US68 DCD Interchange, Lexington, KYTC website

Video of traffic flow at DCD Interchange, Lexington,Ky

To learn more about Double Crossover Diamond interchanges, please see ‘Published Materials‘ from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.